From the 13th-15th February 2019, APSS (Primary) bowling team participated in MSSD Bowling Competition, which was held at Sunway Mega Lanes.

Below are our participants:-

Team (Boys)
1. Aeden Lim
2. Aariz Zuhayr
3. Tariq Hans Raj
4. Mohammad Aryan
5. Ahmad Hafiy Ruzain
6. Raja Izzat bin Raja Idzhar

Team (Girls)
1. Aisha Norlynn
2. Adriana bt Hasrizal
3. Puteri Nurrahafieza
4. Tara Rania bt Mohd Nazri
5. Anya Nayyara bt Mohd Nazri
6. Aira Huda bt Mohamad Helmi Rizal

Overall, APSS Boys and Girls Team were awarded 2nd place in MSSD Bowling.
For Boys category, Team A was the champion and Team B was awarded 8th place. For Boys individual category, Ahmad Hafiy Ruzain placed 2nd, Aariez Zuhayr placed 3rd and Aeden Lim placed 9th.

Whereas for Girls category, Team A was awarded 3rd place and Team B was awarded 4th place. For Girls individual category, Aisya Norlynn placed 6th and Kyra placed 11th.

Congratulations to all participants!

This was a huge accomplishment for APSS Primary.